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            尺寸檢驗員 10k~15k

            本科及以上 五年以上 廣東-珠海市

            更新時間: 2021-12-03

            合資/合作 1000人以上


            招聘日期: 2021-01-07 ~ 2022-01-06


            1. 負責公司工程項目陸地建造及海上安裝的尺寸檢驗和質量管理工作
            Responsible for the dimension inspection and quality control of the onshore construction and the offshore installation.
            2. 熟悉測量專業的規格書、標準并負責編制檢驗程序
            Be familiar with dimension specification, code and compile inspection procedure.
            3. 負責對質量問題進行匯報并跟蹤整改情況
            Responsible for reporting quality problems and following up the correction action
            4. 負責施工現場關鍵質量控制點的檢查、見證和測試
            Responsible for the inspection, witness and test to the key quality control points at site
            5. 協助質量保證工程師對分包商進行審核以確保其質量體系建立并在項目中有效運行
            Assitat quality assurance engineer to perform audit to subcontractor and to make sure their quality management system established and effective to the project
            6. 負責審核施工單位自檢組織機構及自檢員資質,確保施工單位建立完整有效的自檢體系
            Responsible for reviewing construction department’s self-inspection organization and self-inspector qualification, ensure construction department build effective self-inspection system.
            7. 對施工現場進行日常巡檢
            Perform daily surveillance to construction site.
            8. 協助質量經理完成項目質量周報和月報
            Assist QA/QC manager complete weekly and monthly quality report.
            9. 完成領導交辦的其它工作
            Complete the temporary work arranged by leader

            1. 大專及以上
            Junior college or above
            2. 測量及相關類專業
            Major in survey or other related discipline
            3. 熟悉國家、行業及公司的法律法規和管理制度及生產流程,熟悉本崗位業務知識Familiar with national, industry and company laws, regulations and management system and the production process, familiar with the business knowledge.
            4. 5年以上工作經驗
            5+ years related work experience
            5. 具有良好的組織、溝通和管理能力
            Good organization, communication and management skills
            6. 具有一定的口頭表達能力與文字水平
            Good oral expression ability and writing level
            7. 具有一定的分析判斷和很好的執行能力
            Good analysis judgment and executive ability
            8. 具有滿足工作需要的英語水平和計算機應用能力
            Good English and computer application ability
            9. 熟練使用測量設備,比如全站儀、經緯儀等
            Proficient in using measuring instrument, such as total station, theodolite.
            10. 熟練使用相關軟件,比如office辦公軟件、Auto CAD等
            Proficient in using software, such as MS office, Auto CAD.
            11. 熟悉常規的測量方法,包括建立控制網、誤差分析等
            Familiar with survey methods, including establish a control net and error analysis.